Overview of CAV's Workflow

February 27,2024
Overview of Our Workflow
Overview of Our Workflow

In every business, one of the most crucial factors for ensuring success and sustainable development is a tight, professional, and efficient workflow. At CAV, we take pride in presenting an in-depth look into our workflow - a significant milestone shaping our daily operations and delivering the best services to our customers.

In this article, we'll show you the steps of our workflow, from identifying customer needs to draft rendering and final post-production. We hope that by sharing this information, you will better understand how we operate and our commitment to quality and attentive service.

Core Values and Vision

With a strong passion for the CGI industry, technology, and architectural culture world, we have unequivocally defined our core objective: To deliver highly creative concepts and premium 3D visualization services. Furthermore, We have core values of dedication, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to quality, serving as the bedrock for all our decisions and actions.

""We must become the best people, and provide customers with the best services, loyalty, and enthusiasm."  - CEO. Canh Phan

We work with my clients together very relaxed, fun, and growing continuously. We believe that the values we pursue will bring value to clients that make them choose and cooperate with us for a long time, It is also the foundation that helps us develop strongly and sustainably!

Through my vision and mission, We will become the premier choice for those like yourself - who are looking for high-quality, reputable, and professional products. Our goal is to build strong relationships and a steady and growing workload. Besides that - We are growing to be able to handle more and more projects at once.

Our Workflow

Step 1: Receiving Client Information and Understanding the Project

First, we listen to our clients and understand their needs. This crucial step helps us work accurately and select the best options for our customers.

Next, we need a client to provide the information necessary below, this helps to optimize project timelines and the result is of the highest quality with minimal revisions:

  • 2D design draws / 3D model files: Providing planning draws, 2d design draws, preferred viewpoints, detailed requirements about spaces, angles, textures, etc... These help save time in communication and expedite project progress.
  • Address or Google Map location: Determining the property's surroundings is critical as it influences the selection of trees and vegetation to be included in the renderings.
  • Views: Specifying the required views and specifying the number of images needed assists us in setting up the scenes efficiently. If the client has an undecided viewpoint, we can offer three viewpoint options tailored to your project.
  • Materials and colors: Providing comprehensive details about the colors and materials for walls, roofing, windows, floors, etc... is important for achieving accurate visualization.

Before we send the client an estimated price, we ensure agreement on the scope of work and compose a detailed working timeline. This includes technical and creative tasks, etc...

Step 2: Planning Timeline

Once we have all the necessary information to start the project, we plan a detailed timeline for each stage until final product delivery. The timeline is calculated based on the project's volume, size, and essential requirements.

Step 3: CGI Process

Stage 1a (Draft 00): Viewpoint - Modeling

A 3D artist constructs a digital model using specialized 3D modeling tools and software, similar to constructing a physical model's framework. Clients review and provide feedback on camera angles and models.

Stage 1b (Draft 00): Confirming Camera and Model

Clients confirm camera selections and model accuracy. Clients may provide additional feedback on material and lighting processes.

Stage 2 (Draft 01): Lighting & Materials

Artists enhance 3D models' realism using pictures and set up lighting for real-world illumination. Clients review drafts and provide feedback on lighting, overall quality, and any necessary improvements.

Stage 3 (Draft 02): Finalizing

CAV delivers final images with feedback incorporated. Rarely do we need to create Draft 03 unless there are significant changes to the project brief.


Through this article, we've shared an overview of our workflow, from identifying customer needs to delivering attentive services and post-sales support. We are committed to continuously improving and optimizing our workflow to meet all customer requirements and expectations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to provide the best support and service.

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