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September 20,2021
What is a 3D render ?
What is a 3D render ?

A render or infographic is an image obtained from a computer-generated 3D model. The main objective of the render is to show and represent the final result of an architecture - interior project, product, or vision of an area. 3D Renders are also used in many other areas, it is common to see the use of these images in interior design, the creation of video games, and animations. 
In this story, we'd like to share with you from CAV studio everything you need to know about these images that have entirely changed the way of rendering in many fields. We will explain what they are, what they are for, and even how to make them.


What is a render, and what is it for?

3D rendering is the 3D computer graphics process of converting 3D models into 2D images on a computer. 3D renders may include photorealistic effects or non-photorealistic styles.
The objective of the renders is to give an appearance as realistic as possible to represent, in this case in the architecture field, what could be the final result of a project, whether construction or interior design. However, renders are not only used in this area; the term can also be used in graphic design, video editing, animation creation, video games, cinema, and 3D design in general.

Why we need use 3D render ?

3D rendering has become an inevitable trend in illustration in recent years, and so - the 3D industry is growing rapidly - in terms of technology, techniques as well as service providers to respond to great demand from many brands.
Render in the field of architecture is a powerful tool for architects to present - communicate their ideas to clients most easily and concisely, in addition to participating in competitions, bidding, or showing their vision. looking at the planning-architecture of an area, the utilities of the landscape, the future habitat...also commonly used by real estate companies, they use these images as a strategy Sales necessary and important to attract and convince its customers.

3D Render image for Architecture and Real estate

The trend of digitization is developing strongly, the use of renders or infographics in the architecture and marketing sector is vital to represent projects and commercialize them. Now we want to explain to you what an architectural render is and how this can be used in marketing.

3D rendering for architects

We receive many requests from architects from all over the world, sometimes it's the first experience of 3d rendering or looking for a more professional and quality supplier, but the result is always the same. long-term relationship and mutual development. 3D images influence the communication of their ideas and designs, from architectural language, scale, space, light, landscape, and even materials. When these elements are well represented in the 3D render, their design products are evaluated in the most accurate and realistic perspective before completing the construction, creating trust and shortening the working process. present to their customers. Rendered images also contribute to marketing and brand development.

3D rendering for Marketing

3D render is a great marketing tool, thanks to which we can visualize the final result of a project before construction begins. Convincing buyers by their feelings, besides opening the sale of products before construction is clever financial leverage for project developers.

In marketing, sightseeing, and then experience are important levers for purchasing decisions. 3d rendering helps you deliver content to your potential customers. Being flexible in all aspects in 3D Rendering is also a strength - in addition to being an illustration, rigorous consideration of color, composition, proportions, visual principles, elements to create a picture. Art photos and emotions are burning emotions for viewers.

How are these images created?


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